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1.13.x Commandbook Discontinued?

Discussion in 'CommandBook' started by dats_me, Dec 9, 2018.

  1. dats_me

    dats_me New Member

    It looks like all the other projects on your groups site has at least an alpha version for 1.13.2 with the exception of Commandbook. I am currently updating my server from 1.12.2 to 1.13.2 and consider this plug in a must have! My players will chase me with pitchforks and torches if I take away their warps and homes. I have used Commandbook along with Commandbook for Dynmap for years and would really hate to have to go to essentials for my Spigot server. That and I really like all the features included in Commandbook.

    I see there was a post several months ago about how someone tried to patch it but I am not a coder and have no idea if there is any malicious code in what they did let alone how to compile it into a usable jar file.
  2. Murdoc

    Murdoc New Member

    While it's not being updated, most basic features of CommandBook still function on 1.13.2. Homes and Warps will be fine, along with some other basic stuff. You'll lose things like /slap or /shock, and then /gamemode and /time set.
  3. dats_me

    dats_me New Member

    Thanks. I did build the jar from the files posted at https://github.com/cindyker/CommandBook/tree/1.13 using the "Compiling" instructions on the Wiki and it is working for the Homes and Warps which is what I was primarily using it for anyway. Well that and CommandBook for Dynmap to show those homes and warps on the world map (which I do not share that webpage with players just me and admins)

    It is a shame though about it no longer being developed! Maybe someone in the Spigot community will pick it up.