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A few command item glitches

Discussion in 'CraftBook' started by BenButler77, Feb 12, 2015.

  1. BenButler77

    BenButler77 New Member

    Glitch #1: When an item is set to consume multiple of the same item, for example, Item A consumes 10 redstone. If you have 6 redstone in one stack and 64 in another, and try to use the command item, it will say "YOU MUST HAVE 10 REDSTONE TO USE THIS ITEM." Moving some of the redstone from the 64 stack to the stack that's closer to the left fixes this, but it's not easy to do in the middle of a fight.

    Glitch #2: When a new command item is added, all other command items set to consume multiple of the same item revert to only consuming one. For example, Item A consumes REDSTONE*10. When I create Item B, Item A only consumes REDSTONE. So, every time I create a new item, I have to go through the config and fix every single item, which is becoming less and less plausible, since I have over 100 commanditems on my server.

    Thank you.