An guide to free bitcoin's

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    Hello guy's henff here and im going off topic today,
    becuse im telling you how to get free bitcoin's

    NOTE Im not the creator of the site or a moderator / admin im doing this for u guy's

    K... lets begin

    So first of all u need a wallet for bitcoins ( i prever to not dowload the wallet but to use blockcain )

    Step 1 : get an bitcoin wallet

    Always save ur id's becuse when u lose them u lost them forever

    Step 2 getting started... so u have an bitcoin aderes and now u need to make an land of bitcoin account so...

    Ref link : [mod edit - removed ref link. this is not your personal advertising site]
    non ref link :

    click instand registration and click account
    than fill in ur bitcoin aderes ( from blockchain ) on

    Step 3 Do Chappa's and earn BTC

    NOTE this method wont give u mutch but if u do it alot u wil get alot of BTC

    Side Tip : if u got 3 dollars u can buy a cheap minecraft server 1gb :)

    Thanks for reading ~henff
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