Best way to resolve corruption but keep a build?

Discussion in 'WorldEdit' started by Byrnes, May 19, 2017.

  1. Byrnes

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    tl;dr: is there any good way to repair corrupted chunks without losing a build?

    My server's co-owners and I have always been extremely careful when using WorldEdit. We always cap the number of blocks per copy/paste, constantly restart servers, so on and so forth. All except for one build. One big, important build.

    Somewhere along the line the build got corrupted. Using MCedit we have been able to fix lighting issues making the build accessible, but you can tell the area still has issues due to fps drops. Luckily, it is still usable but it is definitely noticeable. I do not completely understand how schematics work and therefore I am unsure of what my options are in regards to fixing these issues. For example, would I be able to save a schematic of the build, reset the affected chunks, and then -safely- repaste the build or is the corruption now tied to the build itself? Is there something else that could help here?
  2. wizjany

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    it depends on what you mean by corrupted really. last time i heard corrupted it meant that the server and/or client would crash if anyone got in the vicinity of a corrupted chunk. but it seems all you're having is fps drops? what's causing them? what lighting issues are you having? worldedit doesn't really touch the lighting things anymore.
  3. Byrnes

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    Well the whole problem began a long long time ago when lighting was still a problem, I'd imagine. Basically we world edited a roof onto a building and the lighting didnt adjust properly to reflect the addition of a roof. Then, the building was moved to a new map and pasted as a large schematic instead of smaller pieces. After that final paste the fps drop was so extreme that you could get a headache trying to walk into the building. After we discovered mcedit and the "relighting" tool most of the problems went away. But the area has never been really......functional, for lack of better word, since it all started.

    For example, say youre flying through the area outside of the building. Everything is normal everything is normal and then you enter the first chunk of the building and BAM short stutters and fps drops. I'm not sure if there is a good way to measure it exactly, but it feels like the game goes from 60 to 20 fps all of a sudden. The moment you leave the area of the building again everything goes back to normal.

    As for the other things it could be, there are no plugins or anything special or new attached to the building - mostly quartz and wool, it's a hotel. And for lighting, everything seems to work normally on that front (no phantom lights or lack of lights) and there doesnt seem to be a noticeable different in the fps change between lit and unlit portions of the build.
  4. wizjany

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    lighting isn't "copied" when you make a schematic or whatever (with worldedit at least - unsure if mcedit updates light values when copying).
    i am not really sure what would be causing the lag, especially if there's no visual issues with light (eg dark spots where there shouldn't be)
  5. Byrnes

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    Damn. That's so weird too because when I pasted the schematic into the new world it still had the light errors that it originally had from adding the roof. Unless it just happened to recreate them. Or I jsut dont remember correctly.

    Well, let me ask this then. Let's assume it is not world edit related (if it is okay to ask!), if I saved the current build as a schematic, deleted the chunks via either worldedit or mcedit, then pasted the schematic right back would this in theory resolve any world issues in those chunks? I guess this is a long winded way to ask whether or not corruption can be saved into a schematic since im unsure how schematics work on the backend (the mathematician in me says schematics work via map of some sort instead of saving an actual picture of the build, but I honestly have no idea).
  6. wizjany

    wizjany Administrator Developer

    again this goes back to what you mean by corruption. lighting issues don't mean corruption necessarily.
    there's a whole lot of glitchy lighting issues like these that actually have nothing to do with the chunk/map/whatever, but are just a function of the building design.