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"Big ICs" concept

Discussion in 'CraftBook' started by sk89q, Mar 3, 2011.

  1. sk89q

    sk89q Administrator Developer

    Last year, we were discussing how to do "big ICs" -- as in ICs that could have a highly variable number of inputs and outputs. This is one way that I had considered, and I am accepting comments on it.

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  2. arbitarty

    arbitarty New Member

    Interesting concept. have you got any real world applications for it in mind yet?
  3. ktccd

    ktccd New Member

    Is that one IC? It looks pretty bulky, but why is this needed? What could need this many I/O that you couldn't make it with a number of ICs and wiring, since this is kind of big anyway...
  4. sk89q

    sk89q Administrator Developer

    It's for ICs that require a lot of I/O pins.
  5. Paradox

    Paradox New Member

    This is the plugin I'm using as a stopgap till CraftBook gets ported forward a bit

    It isn't the most elegant, but it lets the players on my server build things without fighting with the game (added it after i spent 20 hours with another player building doorbells…).

    Specifically relevant to this is the way he implements his IO. One IO per gold block. While i dislike this, it does have a granule of good idea in it. Just stack blocks. Sure, you loose 2+ IO each time, but you get 4, which leads to a net gain of 2.
  6. sk89q

    sk89q Administrator Developer

    Well, with what I suggested, you could theoretically repeat the IC an infinite number of times (theoretically) to get as many I/O pins as you need.
  7. David Faircloth

    David Faircloth New Member

    Hmm, I like this idea! :p
  8. Mlah

    Mlah New Member

    Perhaps you could do something similar to the wireless receiver. You give each chip a band to transmit its input/outputs and have individual input/output blocks labeled with their order on the forth line. I just can't wait for a proper multiplexer. Given a multiplexer and some RAM and you could make some cool contraptions.
  9. wizjany

    wizjany Administrator Developer