Bounty Hunter - Become a killer [v1.0]

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    Bounty Hunter
    Become a killer

    A CmdHelper script that allows your players to place bounties on another player's head.

    - You can place up to 10 bounties
    - A player can have a lot of bounties on his head
    - A lot of players can accept your bounties
    - You can add a fee to your bounties (optional)
    - Encouraging PvP!

    List of the commands: /bounty
    Placing a bounty: /bounty place <player> <bounty> [fee]
    Viewing all bounties: /bounty list
    Accepting a bounty: /bounty accept <id>
    Removing a bounty (owner): /bounty remove <id>
    Canceling a bounty (hunter): /bounty cancel <id>

    Commands: commandhelper.alias.player

    You just have to extract the content into the CommandHelper folder and to type /reloadaliases


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    Link is broken, i have an account on spigot website and am being told i dont have permission to view this resource.