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bug report - bedrock smoothing

Discussion in 'WorldEdit' started by Bluewingsniper, Apr 12, 2012.

  1. Bluewingsniper

    Bluewingsniper New Member

    Here is what i am doing, I have a brush to put a sphere of dirt down on my super-flat world. I have another brush to smooth it out to make gentle hills. I mask the smooth brush using "//mask dirt" and it pulls the bedrock off the bottom layer of the map and puts into the hill. Dirt is left on the bottom layer instead of the bedrock.

    A) is this a bug or
    B) am i doing something wrong

    Is there also a way to configure the settings so bedrock is ingnored by all smooth brushes without a mask.

    thanks in advance.
  2. PseudoKnight

    PseudoKnight Well-Known Member Developer

    //mask doesn't seem to fully apply to all smooth processes. I'm not sure if it's intentional or not. However, //gmask (global mask) does seem to work.
  3. Bluewingsniper

    Bluewingsniper New Member

    thanks. will try that in my future projects. if it does not work will post again.