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Chunk Loading Errors

Discussion in 'CraftBook' started by FatherWh0, Jun 20, 2016.

  1. FatherWh0

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    I am running into a lot of chunk loading errors and I need to get it figured out as it's become a serious problem for both of my servers.

    The first incident started with 1.9. I found after updating my main server had way too many chunks loaded for the number of players online. With even a light server load my server was down to 13 fps or less. Here is the timing from then.


    Thanks to the help of me4502 and Aikar this issue was identified as the cause.


    Paper had the issue patched so I switched and the problem, for the time, was resolved.

    When the time came for the 1.9.4 update I ran into a similar problem. Once again too many chunks loaded. I could only sort out that it had to do with self-triggering mechanisms. If I disabled Craftbook's ics it removed the problem. Ultimately I went back to 1.9.2 where I staid. Sry for the lack of timings here. It appears to have purged.

    Then the third incident. While still on 1.9.2, one day without warning my second server came up with a similar problem. With few players online far too much cpu was being used. This is the timings from then.


    This time it got stranger. Once again self-triggering mechanisms seemed to be to blame. Disabling Craftbook ICs alone didn't fix the problem. I had to remove Craftbook completely to stop the cpu from sweating. Before testing to see which mechanisms were responsible I began unloading worlds. I found the the problem surrounded w_loot_the_end. When I unloaded that world and ultimately reset it the problem was resolved. What gets odd is that coreprotect's logs indicate no signs had been placed in that world so I'm not sure which mechanic could have been in play. Here's the mechanics I have enabled.


    Switching to paper was a good thing overall. Staying with 1.9.2 not so much. Having to reset a world can be a problem. It was fortunate it was an end world I planned to reset. It could have been my 2 year old overworld map on my main server. It's apparent that I'm going to keep running into chunk loading problems until I get this figured out.

    Any help, thoughts, ideas or suggestions to test would be greatly appreciated.

    This problem is becoming extreme on my second server. It's a new server with a new map so I wasn't expecting problems but with only 3 players online rn it has 1300 chunks loaded. Here's a wg report in case it's helpful.
    and timings
    *Edit Again*
    With some testing I've been able to determine the problem disappears if I disable both ics and cookpots. Also I've updated the second server to 1.10 without any improvement.

    *Final Edit*
    This issue has been identified and resolved as of build #62. Much thanks to me4502 and Aikar.
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