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Discussion in 'WorldEdit' started by Narimm, Aug 29, 2017.

  1. Narimm

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    Not entirely sure if this was the correct forum - I am in the process of setting up worldedit on our CI server

    I am hoping it will just build straight outta your github repo and I dont need to fork and create adjustments to the gradle build, but I am not entirely familiar with gradle

    I want the build to deploy to our artifactory repo, however when I use the plugin and setup it up I have 2 issues the
    It seems to uploads the jars without the correct maven repo structure.

    I was wondering if its possible to use the maven task to generate a pom.
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  2. wizjany

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    we don't use maven anymore.
    gradle works straight out of the box. it will even deploy to artifactory out of the box if you pass (or set in your gradle config) your username and password for artifactory.