Claim Permissions (extended)

Discussion in 'WorldGuard' started by Sammy89, Apr 17, 2017.

  1. Sammy89

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    At the moment I see no option to permit any player the claiming of a specific number of regions. There is the config option that sets a fixed number of claims in the WG general config for every permission group, and also the worldguard.regions.unlimited.* permission to circumvent the max claims for any permission group.

    Do you see any chance to implement a permission like* to allow the claiming of X of regions where X may be any integer number >=0 which is checked when claiming and overrides the general config for the player or subgroup that has this new permission?

    This would allow for the easy modifcation of permission groups without being forced to create a permission group for every different number of regions, as well as for allowing single players to have more or less claims than the rest of his permission group without assigning a different permission group. So this feature may, for example, be used to reward people who did a lot for a server, or to punish players that did not behave well but in the same time keeping their permission group the same.
  2. wizjany

    wizjany Administrator Developer

    not possible and won't be supported. just use groups, permissions plugins allow you to modify them arbitrarily and even assign multiple groups to a player.
  3. Sammy89

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    Of course I know that you can assign multiple groups per player which overwrite etc., nevertheless you have to create as many groups as different numbers are necessary.

    But, however, if it is not possible to implement, this will be the way to go. Too bad...