Cleaning "ghost lights"

Discussion in 'CommandHelper' started by Oboist, May 20, 2018.

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    You probably know, that there's that old light bug in minecraft that leads to situations like that: [​IMG]
    I believe, it happens then block that emits light is broken/changed in unloaded chunk (so it never happens near spawn).
    I have little auto-cleaner on CH that once a day cleans all block changes made outside regions, so, while being very tidy, my server suffers a lot from that weird lights at night.
    I tried to load needed chunks before cleaning, if block is a light source (something like that:

        @chunk = get_chunk_loc(array(@trgt[0], @trgt[1], @trgt[2], 'world'))
        load_chunk('world', @chunk[x], @chunk[z])
        load_chunk('world', @chunk[x] + 1, @chunk[z])
        load_chunk('world', @chunk[x] - 1, @chunk[z])
        load_chunk('world', @chunk[x], @chunk[z] + 1)
        load_chunk('world', @chunk[x], @chunk[z] - 1)
        set_timeout(100, closure(set_block_at(@trgt[0], @trgt[1], @trgt[2], 0, 'world')))
    ), but still no luck. Maybe i'm doing something wrong or misunderstood how chunks are loaded...
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    Good question. I'd have to test this out myself. The chunk may be unloaded the next tick, though, so a timeout there either needs to be 1 tick or none. But you probably tried that. It could also depend on your server implementation, maybe.
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    Yes, tried... Even added console(get_loaded_chunks('world')) inside closure and manually checked. And @chunk was there!.. But, still, problem with lights remains.