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CommandBook and Essentials conflict

Discussion in 'CommandBook' started by Jason Krause, Aug 15, 2014.

  1. Jason Krause

    Jason Krause Member

    Hey All,

    As the title states, I'm using CommandBook and Essentials on my server and I'd like to use the /msg command to send a message to everybody in a specific world using #world. My problem is that /msg always runs the Essentials version of the command. Is there a way to have both commands available? For example, for most Essentials commands, you can add an 'e' in front of the command to eliminate any plugin conflicts... so /emsg works. Is there anything similar in CommandBook to do this, like a /cbmsg? or does anybody have any suggestions to allow me to run Craftbook's /msg command even though Essentials is installed.

  2. Dark_Arc

    Dark_Arc New Member Developer

    Why would you want to use both CommandBook and Essentials? Also, to answer your question, you can do the following in bukkit /commandbook:<command> should work just fine.
  3. Jason Krause

    Jason Krause Member

    Thanks for your reply Dark_arc. /commandbook:<command> is what I was looking for... saw it in the config file after I read you answer. Thanks!