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Craftbook Custom Drops Question

Discussion in 'CraftBook' started by AmigaMan67, Feb 1, 2019.

  1. AmigaMan67

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    I use a crate plugin. I want mobs to have a chance to drop keys. I use the Custom Drops feature of Craftbook to do this. I can get my mobs to drop keys that look exactly like those given by the crates plugin. However....the keys dont work on the crates. I was using MythicMobs to do this all but MM has some real issues. With Craftbook....There are none of those issues. Anyway, I am pretty sure you can produce keys in plugins other than the crate plugin. I was able to import the keys into MM and the mobs dropped working keys. Below is the config entry for one of those keys:

    MythicMobsItems config entry

    Code (Text):
        ==: org.bukkit.inventory.ItemStack
        v: 1631
        type: TRIPWIRE_HOOK
          ==: ItemMeta
          meta-type: UNSPECIFIC
          display-name: §eCommon Crate Key
          - §7Right-Click on a "§eCommon§7" crate
          - §7to win an item!
          - ''
            DURABILITY: 1

    Now here is my entry in the CustomDrops config of Craftbook:

    Code (Text):
            item: TRIPWIRE_HOOK;DURABILITY:1|&eCommon Crate Key|&7Right-Click on a "&eCommon&7" crate|&7to win an item!| |
            chance: 001
            minimum-amount: 1
            maximum-amount: 1
    The Keys look exactly alike but as mentioned.... the Custom Drops key wont open the Crate. I suspect the problem is in the 3rd line of lore but I have yet to figure out how to correct it as I have tried it numberous ways.

    thanks for any help!
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