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Discussion in 'CommandHelper' started by ray73864, Apr 23, 2014.

  1. ray73864

    ray73864 Member

    Any possibility of a Forge version in the near future?

    I will be switching my server from using bukkit to using Forge eventually, especially since Forge 1.7 will be supporting the ability for vanilla clients to connect to a forge server that uses only server side mods.

    And now that WorldEdit supports Forge i have even less reason to stay with Bukkit.

    Would be really awesome if a proper scripting type mod (like CommandHelper) could be available for it.
  2. WeeSkilz

    WeeSkilz New Member

    I use Commandhelper on my Feed The Beast server, there's no issues with it.

    Just use MCPC+ (bukkitforge) and install Commandhelper like you would any other plugin.
  3. ray73864

    ray73864 Member

    Except if you read what i said, i don't want to be using Bukkit at all.
  4. WeeSkilz

    WeeSkilz New Member

    Oh sorry, I misunderstood.

    I don't think LadyCailin has time (just guessing), she is always busy helping us out by fixing builds that the community manage to break.
  5. PseudoKnight

    PseudoKnight Well-Known Member Developer

    An abstraction layer for Forge could be made, though certain functions and events would be missing or handled differently.

    I'm confused on your motivation to do this, though. Are there really that many server-side-only forge mods? Or do you just really hate Bukkit? I have a hard time finding any server-side-only forge mods, especially if they don't already exist on Bukkit. Without the advantage of client-side mods and considering the downsides, I'm not sure I see the appeal.
  6. ray73864

    ray73864 Member

    Yes, i am starting to have a bit of a dislike for Bukkit itself. Most of the stuff i want i can do via Forge, such as:
    - plots
    - permissions (when Forge 1.7 comes out with them)
    - worldedit (now that sk89q has made a forge build)
    - Plus some other things.

    All that is really missing is a decent system like CommandHelper for Forge and then i'll have everything i need for a public server.

    I already use (or did use on my old bukkit server) CH for things like warps, homes, as a worldborder replacement, etc...

    The line between a Forge server and a Bukkit server are starting to get very blurry what with Forge eventually coming out with support for vanilla clients.

    Failing CH going to Forge, i'll just have to ask a modding friend of mine if he can move something like ScriptCraft over to Forge, though i really would prefer CH itself.
  7. LadyCailin

    LadyCailin Administrator Developer

    Since CH is abstracted away from bukkit, it could relatively easily be made to support any server backend you want. However, I have no interest in doing the work to maintain that. If you or someone else is interested in creating the Forge layer, I would absolutely be willing to help, however.