Forum changed, again!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by sk89q, Mar 3, 2011.

  1. sk89q

    sk89q Administrator Developer

    Yeah, sorry. The forum was changed again. This change is going to be permanent.
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  2. Silentspy

    Silentspy New Member

    you made the right choice going for xenforo!
  3. sk89q

    sk89q Administrator Developer

    Ehh, it's missing... a number of features. Its permissions also suck very badly compared to phpBB's.
  4. Paradox

    Paradox New Member

    MyBB is the best free one I have ever used, but since you've gone and bought XenForo, probably want to keep it.

    At least its pretty on the eyes, and you know it will get good eventually (vB devs, after all)
  5. sk89q

    sk89q Administrator Developer

    I dunno. I've never been much of a fan of the forums for PHP. I find them to be terribly written, but perhaps it's because PHP itself is such a poorly designed language.

    From what I saw of MyBB, it looked like a free clone of IPB. But that's just cloning crap, so I wasn't tooo interested. :p
  6. Paradox

    Paradox New Member

    It actually started as a clone of vBulletin, believe it or not.
  7. sk89q

    sk89q Administrator Developer

    Yeeeah I know. I used to use IPB long ago in 1.x when it came out. Forums is one of the slowest moving areas of innovation in my opinion, which is why I am not particularly fan of any one of them. Only recently (relatively), they have picked up social elements and the idea of activity stream, which I found absolutely silly. Not too long ago, keeping track of who was replying to your threads meant that you had to depend on dumb email notifications (which stopped sending after the first reply in a bulk of available forum software), which was just absolutely idiotic. Oh, and say you get a private message a few months later after you've left the forum -- well that sucks -- you'll never get notified because you disabled notifications back when you were a frequent visitor. Moderator tools were just annoying for the longest time too. The history of forum software has been "let's reinvent the wheel" and copying other forum software practically verbatim. Facebook does a lot of this better, but I guess that's what you get when you have money to throw at smart people.

    I do like xenForo in that it is trying to innovate, but it looks a bit far from finishing at the moment. I'm also not quite sure how long this trail of innovation will continue... the track record of forum software has been awful.

    Anyway, that's my rant of the day.
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  8. Paradox

    Paradox New Member

    I hear you. Part of me doesn't ever want to set up forum software ever again. It seems like one has 3 options.

    Go with the cookiecutter clone of every forum that ever existed. This is any of the phpBB, MyBB, SMF, etc forums

    Go with a basic, but heavily customizable solution. Very flexible, but you have to build a lot of "basic" functionality yourself. This includes bbPress and a number of other solutions.

    Go with "omgnew" which attempts to be new, and throws everything that worked away in favor of some awful horrible interface that relies on AJAX way too much. This includes vanilla, Metaforum, and more.
  9. sk89q

    sk89q Administrator Developer

    I've been looking at forums in other programming languages. Unfortunately, a lot of those forums are just cookie cutter clones of PHP forums... it's terrible. Still looking though.
  10. Paradox

    Paradox New Member

    That, or they are incredibly archaic, newsgroup-style forums (the kind where everything is threaded, and you have to load a page a billion times.

    Reddit could be a powerful messageboard, given the right mods.
  11. thommy101

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    maybe is this message useless..
    but your home button goes toe that's the same destination as the forum button which is next to it..
    maybe you can add to the homelink.
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    Sk89q: I tried sending you a pm/starting a conversation but there's no message field and it says please enter a message. It might be because I have low priviliges as a new member or maybe because I'm using firefox? Anyways can you please email me (it's regarding a project you might be interested in). Thanks.