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Help with Enchantments in Kits

Discussion in 'CommandBook' started by Kgamer5000, May 26, 2015.

  1. Kgamer5000

    Kgamer5000 New Member

    Hi there, I really enjoy command book and I'd like to add a kit with enchanted items in it. I know how to make kits, but I'd like to know how to add enchantments. Thanks!
  2. bamajoe411

    bamajoe411 New Member

    This is pretty much like my question. Have you gotten an answer? Does anyone know why this forum is so dead?!?
  3. Mr Sulu

    Mr Sulu New Member

    I managed to get it to work with one enchantment but I have a problem with it giving more than one.
    Here is how i did it.


    Unfortunately it just gives the first one.
    The separator is a , but it doesn't work and I tried all sorts of other separators and none work so far.

    If you want to do a single enchantment this is a working example in kits.