Hey Sorry but you cant change that here

Discussion in 'Server Help' started by s4g, Aug 30, 2018.

  1. s4g

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    i have wg 6.1 and whenever a player without op right clicks on a hologram this message appears

    "Hey Sorry but you cant change that here"

    what is the flag that removes this?


    min: {x: -69.0, y: 70.0, z: 664.0}
    max: {x: 52.0, y: 176.0, z: 785.0}
    members: {}
    flags: {other-explosion: deny, invincible: allow, use: allow, leaf-decay: deny,
    interact: allow, chest-access: allow, pvp: deny, mob-spawning: deny, fire-spread: deny,
    creeper-explosion: deny, build: deny, fall-damage: deny, tnt: deny}
    owners: {}
    type: cuboid
    priority: 1
  2. PseudoKnight

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    ArmorStands, like item frames, are "considered building if used" by WorldGuard because you can change a build by modifying them. Thus it uses normal build permissions for that region. If you wish to suppress that message without suppressing all build deny messages, I suggest having a plugin cancel ArmorStand interactions before it gets to WorldGuard. However, if you don't mind suppressing all build deny messages in that region, you can apply the "deny-message" flag and set that to either -e to make it empty or your own custom message.

    /rg f spawn deny-message -e


    /rg f spawn deny-message Please don't touch that.