How do I undo grief with worldedit

Discussion in 'WorldEdit' started by almostmicrochip, Sep 19, 2011.

  1. almostmicrochip

    almostmicrochip New Member

    It was claimed that it undid grief (Which Im sure it does) But I have looked Everyhwere and cant find a command for it :eek: plz help
  2. wizjany

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  3. almostmicrochip

    almostmicrochip New Member

    Like I really dont know :(
  4. almostmicrochip

    almostmicrochip New Member

    Plz help :( I got a backup plugin and someone just griefed how to I undo?
  5. Pangamma

    Pangamma New Member

    which back-up plugin is it? Also worldedit helps you degrief by //drain ing lava spills, and //fixwater ing water craters. You can even use the worldedit snapshot system (all of this is explained in the wiki) to help restore portions of your world back to previous save-point states.
  6. Pangamma

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    if you want to give me the IP for your server and possibly give me temporary admin i can help you get familiar with different degriefing steps. I run a creative offline server so I've been learning how to keep up tight security lately. I think we've been hit by AVO , and maybe a few other griefing guilds, but we've come out pretty much unscathed so far.

    you still here?
  7. ntall1

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    World edit is not the plugin you should be going to first for Anti Grief operation..

    Use a plugin like Log Block to roll back grief..

    If someone has covered your server in Lava, or Water.. then you should probably fix it with world edit brush tools or the drain command.

    Here is a lava removing brush command (apply these commands to any wand tool) (other than woodaxe)
    //br s air 5
    then set the mask to lava
    /mask 10,11
  8. Pangamma

    Pangamma New Member

    oh so thaaaat's how you use the masks. always wondered about that. =]
  9. neX!Tem

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    You can also setup snapshot and use the /restore command. but thats broken for me now anyways... i hope it gets fixed soon! *shows sk89 the glance of doom*
  10. Pangamma

    Pangamma New Member

    That's so weird. OH! They changed that to where you have to put your saves into their respective world subfolders.
    So instead of using //snap use 2011-MM-DD-W <--- W is shorthand for world if you did something like that.
    you would now use //snap use world/2011-MM-DD