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    Error in console: https://hastebin.com/itupevosid.vbs
    Error in chat: Failed to fetch region list: Worldguard: An unexpected error occurred! Please see server console.

    I had my server hooked up to mysql prior and it seems that screwed up worldguard so I deleted all my worldguard folders and even worldedit folders and still this error. So Any ideas? It is game breaking.

    Spigot versions: git-paperspigot-"4c7641d" MC: 1.8.8
    Worldguard version: 6.2.1:84bc322
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    Um, you're using the wrong version for 1.8.8.
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    no I'm not, The versions are cross compatible
  4. PseudoKnight

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    The release notes for 6.2.1 states:

    "This version supports only Minecraft 1.12. It may partially function as far back as 1.8, but it is recommended to use version 6.2 for Minecraft versions 1.11.2 and below as you will encounter errors when running commands."

    Be extra careful reading changelogs if you're going to decide to use an out-dated version. Plugin usually authors build for new versions first, backwards compatibility second.

    [edit: i'm a little grumpy and this hit a few checkboxes on how to annoy support, lol]
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