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just a question about 1.13 and spigot.

Discussion in 'CraftBook' started by sat, Sep 4, 2018.

  1. sat

    sat Member


    i test 1.13.1 on spigot, ok it's in dev.
    other plugin isnt ready, or don't start.

    craftbook (3.9 d4440) start and seem work but
    chair doesnt start. if chair is validate in conf,error apear.
    other function start nice on statup, but doesnt work.

    exemple : door, or gate in "minecraft:eek:ak_planks" not work and return in chat : "Material not usable for a bridge!" or "Material not usable for a door!"

    my questions is :

    What version use in 1.13 : 3.9 or 4
    do you understant this bug ?
  2. sat

    sat Member

    after a litle test all block interaction dosent work. other seem work.
  3. sat

    sat Member

    view on discord :
    For bridge, and door use name in uppercase.

    for see if it work use /cb report, the report file contain the list of the bloc used, and if it's not supported, it name it Null.