Migration of old, self-updated mod-version to newest version

Discussion in 'Programming Help' started by blubbyminer, Jan 2, 2019.

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    Hello there!

    Following problem: We (a RP-community) are using a Forge-Mod that had been discontinued by the author. Our admin updated this mod on his own so that the server can update to newer MC-version, too. Now, a few years later, the original author has returned, but changed nearly all block-id's. Now, our admin does not want to update the mod on his own anymore, and we are looking into possibilities how we could migrate to the official release of that mod. One suggestion was to write a script that could replace all the old block-id's with the new ones, but noone in our community has ever worked with nbt-files or something comparable.

    Is there a possibility to use the worldedit-API to change the block-ids of a whole bunch of blocks?

    Thanks in advance!

    PS: I am not a native speaker, and so is everyone else in our community. If there are question, I would be happy to answer them!