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Mountain Generator Script?

Discussion in 'CraftScripts' started by Unitex, Apr 11, 2012.

  1. Unitex

    Unitex New Member

    Hello! I just came up with an idea that I think would really help alot of people, including me with custom terrain. It's a mountain generator with worldedit. Basically, you picked the block you want the mountain to be made of, the type of mountain, (explained below) and BOOM! you have a mountain. Then you could naturalize it if you wanted.
    I was thinking the syntax would be something like this:

    //mountaingen [block] [type]

    The types of mountains would be smooth and volatile. Smooth would look a little like this perhaps:

    And volatile would look like this:

    Or, it could simply be a script were you type were it goes like this:

    //mountaingen [block]

    ..and it generated a smooth mountain.

    Anyway, if someone could make this script, it'd be awesome, and I'm sure it'd help alot of people.

  2. phrozyn

    phrozyn New Member

    actually the only reason i came here was i am actually looking for this kind of thing right here XD
    It would be really helpful if someone could make this, cause doing it with the brush and smoothing it out, its alot of tedious work when you have a really large area to do
  3. blockhead

    blockhead New Member

    As far as I can tell, WorldEdit was not designed and isn't suitable for modifying that many blocks at a time. A script attempting to do so would probably take minutes to run, and WorldEdit scripts time out after three seconds.

    I can recommend two other tools however:
    WorldPainter -- It was designed to create new maps, but it can import existing maps and merge back the changes. It's great for creating and editing terrain.

    MCEdit -- This is easily the best Minecraft map editor out there. It has an easy to use GUI and can even delete and create new chunks (Minecraft stores and processes maps as a series of 16 by 16 slices called chunks).
  4. Formula350

    Formula350 New Member

    I was painting in WE with a schematic I made of a mouintain I had made by hand. I basically took it and then made the schematic, more or less, a brush. End result is an 18m block (air included) that if capable of being pasted around, albeit slowly! Each past takes about a minute, but can be much much less time if only the //paste -a is used.

    I too and looking for a way to generate somewhat basic starting mountains that I can then futz with, cuz as it sits right now, it's more of the same: Copy, paste, paste, rotate, paste paste, flip, paste paste, rotate, paste, flip... Etc heh Alls said and lucky, I've gotten a single good looking mountain made from it :) Just a bit time consuming is all.
  5. Goblom

    Goblom New Member

    I would love to see something like this be made, there is only one problem. Limitations.

    WorldEdit is not designed to do this drastic of an edit, nor might it be able to run a craft script this advanced. But, there is hope. IF someone were to make a plugin that hooks into world edit selections and normal world generation maybe then we could have a plugin that could be used to do such a thing and even specify a 'seed' of which to generate inside the current world edit selection.

    If someone does do that then i would be willing to pay them for such an amazing plugin/script.
  6. mmis1000

    mmis1000 New Member

    I made a scripts that can generate terrain base on a height map.



    picture should in "height"folder
    picture means the picture name you want to use.
    height means max change height. default is the selection area height
    remap means rescale brightness 0_255 to min_max . min&man can be any number between -1 ~ 1. default is "-1_1"
    ____ currently only use red channel.
    custom cover means the block you want to use as surface. If not defined, it will auto detect from the terrain.