Need help with making a global command.

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by joostisonline, May 8, 2012.

  1. joostisonline

    joostisonline New Member

    I would like to make the command /pvp for teleporting to the pvp.
    I did "/alias /pvp = /warp pvp" and it works for me but not for another people?
    Can anybody help me to make it global that everyone can use it?
  2. joostisonline

    joostisonline New Member

    Sorry, i didn't see the commandhelper forum. Can a moderator replace this to COMMANDHELPER?
  3. Toops

    Toops New Member

    Dunno what warp/teleport plugin you're using, but you can try this a couple different ways depending on permissions setup...
    /pvp = runas('~op', '/warp pvp')
    ^ Run the warp command as if the user is an OP. This is sure-fire.
    *:/pvp = /warp pvp
    ^ Make the command usable by all (*). Users may get permissions errors this way.