Discussion in 'Server Help' started by JustAngel, Sep 24, 2015.

  1. JustAngel

    JustAngel New Member

    In our spawn when we are flying and "land" or if we're swimming up and "land on a block, we get this annoying "off" message.

    I used Plugin Manager to disable some "suspect" plugins one by one to test and when I disabled WorldGuard the message went away. Enabled it again, it was back.

    I've looked in the config file and I don't see anything that might relate to this type of activity.


    Has anyone else had this happen?
  2. PseudoKnight

    PseudoKnight Well-Known Member Developer

    It's a greeting or farewell flag in that region. Presumably someone set it to "off" thinking it would turn the message off.
  3. JustAngel

    JustAngel New Member

    OMG, you're right!! Thank you so much! Another item off the list. So grateful!