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Pipe Overflow Output

Discussion in 'CraftBook' started by oolivero45, Jul 21, 2016.

  1. oolivero45

    oolivero45 New Member


    I was wondering if there is any way to make an 'overflow' output for the pipe system in CraftBook. By an overflow, I mean that the pipes will try to send items everywhere else first. If it cannot find somewhere to put the items because either the chest is full or the output is filtered, only then will it try to put the items into this overflow chest.

    Is there any way to make this work?

  2. FatherWh0

    FatherWh0 New Member

    I've had two players do what you are describing. I'll see if one of them would be kind enough to post.
  3. Coffeemax

    Coffeemax New Member

    Hey there, having built my own mega warehouse, but also ran into the overflow system problem, I believe I can answer your question. Because with craftbook pipes, the flow is one-directional, and assuming you have pistons for output into other chests, the last pipe after the final output is what can be used as the overflow pipe. Now, because you don't just want another output pipe, I hooked it up to a single chest with an output piston. From there, I added a sticky piston/clock combo to move whatever was in that chest along a line to wherever I wanted the output chests to be. This way, when the whole section of items I had set up was full, any excess would be carried to a seperate area. Granted, this idea was used because I was hooking 26 sections into a single section output of about 150 double chests. Hopefully this answers your question