Problem with fires.

Discussion in 'WorldGuard' started by Badzilla, Mar 27, 2011.

  1. Badzilla

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    It seems to initially spread even from wood to cobblestone. It slowly goes out most of the time. The problem is that some wood blocks are not going out and if I try to put them out, they just catch back on fire.
  2. wizjany

    wizjany Administrator Developer

    As for spreading on clue what that is, list your plugins?
    As for not going out, you have to completely destroy the block to get rid of the fire - just punching it once or twice won't help.
  3. Badzilla

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    Well, i guess I misunderstood the no fire spread. I did a test in a controlled environment in a cobblestone room with a test wood room. I set it on fire and it did spread and some to the cobblestone floor. First few tests, the fires went out on their own. No damage done to the structure but could not get near it until the fire went out.

    Next test. Fire SuperBow fire arrows into the inside of the test building. Whole test building was on fire including some of the cobblestone. I got out quick. I stood back and watched. No actual damage was done to the building but the fire on the top of it continued to burn. I waited over an hour and it never went out.

    I guess maybe I am not understanding no fire spread option. In some tests, it did seem to spread but then if left alone it did go out on it's own. In the last test, it did not go out on it's own.

    What am I missing here?

    I have a really big wood hotel with about 20 rooms and don't want it to burn down.

    Thanks in advance.
  4. wizjany

    wizjany Administrator Developer

    Hm, fire spreading to cobblestone is just strange. I'm also not sure what SuperBow does. I'll test this later if I remember.
    However, a quick solution to protect your hotel is to //replace 5 44:2 which replaces all wood planks with wood double slabs, which don't burn.
  5. Badzilla

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    I am running my main server in a safe mode and have it backed up but on the test server I fired the superbows as the wood building and most went out. some did not. That is what concerns me. Most of my structures are of rock etc. This is my first of all wood and took many hours to create. I never made a wood one like this but recently found the Minecraft Mania AutoForest stuff so have a lot of wood.

    I will do more tests and post results as I get them.

    Oh, SuperBow shoots arrows that are on fire.
  6. wizjany

    wizjany Administrator Developer

    well I don't believe that worldguard stops fire from existing...just from burning the blocks out (and therefore causing actual damage)
    you can use worldedit's /ex or so to get rid of stray fire blocks