Problems with SkCompat extension

Discussion in 'CommandHelper' started by 3xtreme20, Sep 25, 2017.

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    Hi everyone! First of all, thanks for helping and sorry for my bad english, I'm Brazillian.
    As is already in the title, I'm with problems with SkCompat. I'm trying to make a script that sets some blocks in a certain place and change them (like normally we make with WorldEdit wand and the command "//set something"), but I'm with problems on the development of it.

    I don't know how and if I need to use the "sk_setblock()" function, and if I need to use too "sk_pos1()" and "sk_pos2()" functions.

    I would like to do something like "//set 1, 4, 20, 20, 20" in (corner pos1): x: 54, y: 12, z: 26 world: world and (corner pos2): x: 84, y: 12, z: 99 world: world. I would rather if someone could do this for me or teach me how to do it. Thanks!

    P.S: I know that the functions "sk_pos1() and sk_pos2()" don't work with world. How could I make something happend in a specific world if I can't set it in the command? Thanks!
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    Normally we use set_block_at() to set blocks with CommandHelper. We can use sk_pos1() and sk_setblock() in cases where a player selection is involved, we need to be efficient with a large area, and/or it's just easier. But my experience is that the function doesn't work on the latest versions of WorldEdit.