Question regarding entry & exit flags

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    Good evening everyone,

    Hope you are all good?

    Just has a question regarding entry & exit flags on WorldGuard, So I have Races&Classes installed and I would like some Races to enter an area but not others now the simple way to do this would be to have entry & exit flags now Races and Classes does allow me to set permissions in the plugin but when looking thought the WorldGuard's Wiki I could see that you can set groups to enter a region but I was wondering if you can do this via permissions?

    if so does anyone know the node I would need to achieve this?

  2. wizjany

    wizjany Administrator Developer

    no. it's based on region membership and the flag/group flag alone. permissions can't help you.

    possibly you can do some trickery with multiple overlapping regions but it depends on your exact use case.
  3. PseudoKnight

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    You could create fake groups for the Races using "group.racename" permissions, then add those groups as members of regions. (eg."/rg addmember regionName g:racename")