Rename existing region?

Discussion in 'WorldGuard' started by Snow_Cat, Oct 6, 2011.

  1. Snow_Cat

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    I have been asked a few times "what is the command to rename an existing region?"

    As each op seems to have their own naming convention we have a few regions named
      • <OP>_<OWNER><OWNER><NEIGHBOUR><MEMBER>_<LOCAL AREA>_<X COORDINATE>_OMG_THiS_<thing>_is_awsesomelookitisevenblinking_haahha
    • another dozen
      • <Owner><Owner><Member>_<thing>
    • and a few others with long names containing multiple typos that need to be reproduced from memory because the chat box is being flooded by the players debating snack foods or some such.
    Being able to change the region names to something sane like "<OP initials>_<owner abbrev>_<location abbrev>_<thing>" would be very convenient if there isn't already a {last # region queried} keyword we can subsitute into the commands.
  2. wizjany

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    not really possible, you can edit the regions.yml though, but make backups first
  3. Snow_Cat

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