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    Now that the /repeat function got removed in a recent dev build, I re-made the functionality in a script!

    chHelperz adds back the lost /repeat command! Type /repeat to re-run the last command you used.

    Features Also Included:
    - Broadcast the command used to the console, complete with color coding showing CommandHelper aliases or server commands.
    - Print the command used back to the player who issued it! (Color coding of alias or command enabled with permission only)

    Command Usage:
    • /repeat = Repeats last used command
    • /repeat printrepeat = Toggles printing back to you the command you just used when using the "/repeat" repeat command.
    • /repeat print = Toggles printing back any command you use when you use it. -- This makes your in-game chat log look similar to a terminal. Useful for organizing your chat.
    • /repeat consolecmd = Toggles whether to broadcast to the console what command was used.
    • Aliases: /. or /'

    commandhelper.alias.everyone: Use /repeat
    commandhelper.alias.admin: Allows you to toggle setting the broadcast of command used to console.
    commandhelper.alias.see.is.alias: In the message sent back to player of command used, allows players to see by color code if the command is a CH alias or a plugin command.

    Main script coder: Me!
    PseudoKnight = Thanks for the " /' " alias idea, after a quick debate on IRC about if /repeat or T, Up, Enter was easier to type.
    no one = The terrible name of the script. Ideas?

    Download / Installation.
    The easiest method is to download the MSLP file and place it in /CommandHelper/LocalPackages.
    Download the MSLP file here.

    Or... If you like you could download / view the script via paste.
    Paste of aliases.msa
    Paste of main.ms
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