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    Hi, I'd like to request some assistance with a bunch of scripts as I do not have the knowledge to make these, and I would very much appreciate assistance with the scripts. Of course I would be willing to negotiate if something is not doable/etc.

    NOTE: All commands should tabcomplete and should have appropriate permissions.

    /seen {player} - if left blank player is you. If a player has never joined then it says &ePLAYER &6has never logged onto the server.

    &2.______[&r{PLAYER}&e's Info&2]______.
    &6DisplayName: &r{DISPLAYNAME}
    &6Last Online: &r{If online it says &aOnline, if offline it says how long it has been in hours, minutes, and seconds (ex. 5 hours, 6 minutes, 10 seconds)}
    &6First Joined: {Same Rules as before}

    /warn {player} {reason} - sends a warning to the player. If player or reason is blank it will say &cINCORRECT USAGE! Try this: &e/warn [PLAYER] [REASON]

    Format:&cYou have been warned. &6R:&e{reason}

    Should be able to check previous warns using /checkwarns {player}

    Staff with permission should see that the player was warning.

    &ePLAYER &chas been warned. &6R: &eREASON

    &cPrevious Warnings:
    &e{NONE if no warnings, 1 line per warning, resets weekly}

    /date - Says RP date. Message also displays on login Aliases: /today,cal,calendar,rpdate

    You should be able to put the months in the script, attach a season, and amount of days to it. Days should increment upon 8 AM minecraft time of a defined world and automatically switch months and years. Initial year should be defined as well.

    Yeerum (27 days)
    Sendra (31 days)
    Urfril (31 days)

    Ferwana (29 days)
    Rum (33 days)
    Talium (30 days)
    Shringum (31 days)
    Fellim (28 days)
    Thoron (31 days)

    Qulifin (31 days)
    Quara (31 days)
    Derdene (32 days)

    Format: &aToday is day &6{day #} &aof &b{Season} Month of {Month}&a, &2{Year} AC&a.

    /card {player} - Display character card.

    This goes into a bit of detail: if blank, it displays your own card.

    It should be edited by field: /cardset {field} {condition}

    If name is blank, tell how to use it.
    If Age is blank/incorrect tell how to use it.
    If race is blank/invalid tell how to use it.
    If description is blank tell how to use it.

    If a field is blank, add NONE to it, or 0 to age, and default Human to race.

    Should be able to define races and age limits. Races have no powers.
    Race list and Age list:
    Human 75
    Elf 200
    Dwarf 150
    Orc 100
    Rhogad 70

    If possible, has a 3 character GUI where you switch between them using /chargui. If also possible have it save inventory and position as well as money balance (perhaps use a money set command) if doubly possible.

    Make sure players can’t colour code the commands. Also, shift-right clicking the player should show the message.

    &2.______[&r{PLAYER}&e's Card&2]______.
    &eTo change an area type &b/cardset [AREA] [ITEM]
    &6Name: &r{Character name, should support spaces in the argument, also sets displayname}
    &6Age: &r{Integer, must be positive, and must adhere to race limits, increments anyways if you are set to age limit just in case character isn’t deat}
    &6Race: &r{Race}
    &6Description: &r{Description, this is just a sentence string}

    /roll {maxnumberexpression} - Rolls a random number based on the expression. The First number, which must be positive is the max amount for a particular roll, followed by the addition, subraction, multiplication, and division to account for armour and weaponry. Would like an incorrect usage message. Displays to a radius (default 20). If you use /roll is will set maxnumber to just be 20. If expression makes the number greater than max number, make it equal to max number and display that instead.

    &eDISPLAYNAME&3(&6PLAYERNAME)&3 &ehas rolled &6RESULT &eout of &6MAXNUMBER&e.

    Also I’d like a tablist format (Scoreboard team based Nametag):


    Group tag is permissions based. Allow colour codes in definitions.