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Ruined Regions file and Schem Paste crashing

Discussion in 'WorldEdit' started by BusinessSkeleton, Nov 10, 2018.

  1. BusinessSkeleton

    BusinessSkeleton New Member

    Two issues:

    3930 Broke Worldguard by changing the coords in the region file to the same text about 'vectors' Sorry I didnt think to keep the file to post here. So I am reluctant to upgrade again because I dont like remaking my regions too often (I'll backup in future too)

    Secondly, pasting largeish 130x130x130 schematics crash the server.. The server is running with 8gb but Im guessing this isnt enough. I previously used FAWE but as its not as up to date and isnt playing nice with worldguard Im using this version..... which like to paste everything at once. Are their plans to have an option for async pasting?
  2. me4502

    me4502 Moderator Developer

    As for the first issue, make sure to use at least WorldEdit 3934 with them. There was an issue in 3933 with the way YAML configuration files worked.

    As for the second, schematics of that size shouldn't be taking too long. The reason it'd be crashing is because Spigot automatically shuts down the server once it thinks 60 seconds have passed (It's got a very inaccurate counter, in my tests it's normally around 8 seconds before it shuts it down - it can be disabled in one of the spigot configs)

    Performance improvements are being made to WorldEdit all the time. Async pasting itself is very unlikely to occur, however, as it's inherently unsafe to do. FAWE makes most of its speed improvements by doing things that are unsafe and have caused many corruption issues in the past.