Schematics and extended block IDs

Discussion in 'WorldEdit' started by Spretzjnjikhow, Jan 1, 2018.

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    So I recently encountered a problem, and I cannot find a solution anywhere.

    The problem is quite simple: I use the Conquest Reforged modpack, with contains, among other things, a few thousand new blocks (with IDs like for example 1374:15). Usually, WorldEdit has no problem with these, but when I create schematics that contain them, it does not work at all (this is true both for the world in which the schematic was created and others). Copying and pasting is no problem, but when made into a schematic and loaded up my trees turns into heaps of dirt and railings and stuff that's shaped like a tree. Weird thing is that some of the blocks they turn into are other blocks from the modpack.

    Anyways, if someone have any idea how to get around this problem, I would be very happy.

    PS: I use worldedit-forge-mc1.10.2-6.1.4-dist since that is what's included in the modpack.

    PPS: The schematics and stuff are for use in worldpainter, if that is of any help.
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    since the last few versions of minecraft, block ids aren't stored by a constant numeric id, but mapped to their keys (minecraft:stone, etc). worldedit doesn't support this mapping in schematics, so what happens is that if a schematic is created where, for example, the block modA:blockXYZ is mapped to id 1374:15, and then the same schematic is imported to a world where 1374:15 is mapped to modB:blockJKL, then it shows up as that block instead.
    in essence this means schematics aren't stable across worlds generated in different conditions (mods, etc).
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    Thanks for the reply. I see, but that does not explain why the schematic is messed up in the same world as the one it was created in, does it? Also, I have previously used IDs in between worlds (using /info to find an ID and using that to edit in other worlds), if that makes any difference. Could I bother you to explain what mapping block ids to their keys mean? I am quite green in this area.

    Oh, and the maps use the same mods, unless I've messed up somewhere along the way (which is entirely possible).

    Thanks again for the reply.
  4. Spretzjnjikhow

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    Experimented a bit with creating schematics on a server running the same modpack, and for some reason it seems to have worked now.