Scheme build with console without players

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    I'm writting simple plugin that will automaticly build schematic on map with console command like this
    Code (Text):
    buildthis 12 //12 is a scheme name
    There is important thing that commant will be execute from console, I didnt find any information about execute "/scheme load" from console, so my first idea was simple - create fake player extends Player and that use
    Code (Text):

    getServer().dispatchCommand(FakePlayer p, String command);
    I figured out that this will use next FakePlayer methods:
    • getWorld (return Bukkit.getServer().getWorld("world");
    • getLocation (return x0 y0 z0 Location in "world")
    • getUniqueId
    • getName (return "fakePlayer")
    • isPermissionSet (always true)
    • isOp (always true)
    • Also, when someone send message to my FakePlayer I just print it in console
    In my class that method's work propperly (at least i think its true) and return not-null value, UUID isn't fake too.
    There is a problem: "/scheme load 12" execute just fine:
    [WorldEdit] fakePlayer loaded .../WorldEdit/schematics/12.schematic
    But then, when I execute "//paste" i get this:
    [12:20:14 INFO]: Your clipboard is empty. Use //copy first.
    There is question - why this happends?
    Why i don't use WorldEdit API? - there is a second question, when scheme is too big, it's freeze server and even worse, drop it. So I think if user that use my plugin, will be use somthing like async_worldedit, then it's will be a problem when user installed support WE plugin, but my Builder does't work througth it.
    Does it true?
  2. wizjany

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    trying to work around the api isn't supported.
    just use the api, and if you want to support third party plugins, optionally use their api too.
  3. GeniusCasioHl820A

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    Thunks, wizijany for answering me