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    I've created a plugin which will create a worldedit selection and then a worldguard region. In the worldguard region a specific player is set as owner.
    So the selection will be auto generated by the plugin.
    Let me show you how the selection and the region is generated:
    World w= getWorld();
    Location pos1 = getPos1();
    Location pos2 = getPos2();
    Selection sel = new CuboidSelection(w, pos1, pos2);
    BlockVector min = sel.getNativeMinimumPoint().toBlockVector();
    BlockVector max = sel.getNativeMaximumPoint().toBlockVector();
    String worldName = sel.getWorld().getName().toLowerCase();
    String regionName = ""
    Region region = (Region) new CuboidRegion(min, max);
    new Vector(0, (w.getMaxHeight() + 1), 0),
    new Vector(0, -(w.getMaxHeight() + 1), 0));
    ProtectedCuboidRegion rg = new ProtectedCuboidRegion(regionName, region.getMinimumPoint().toBlockVector(), region.getMaximumPoint().toBlockVector());

    RegionManager manager = WGBukkit.getRegionManager(p.getWorld());

    I want to save the selection (the region) to a schematic so that at later time the terrain could be resetted (changes from the player will be discarded if the region will be deleted).

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    you said the region already exists right? just grab it from the manager in the first place. i don't know what pos1 or pos2 has to do with anything. the region's bounds are defined by the region already.

    as for saving the schematic, there's a whole bunch of threads and examples already you should probably look at, like this