Syntax Highlighter Paste Bin!

Discussion in 'CommandHelper' started by LadyCailin, Jan 23, 2012.

  1. LadyCailin

    LadyCailin Administrator Developer

    A paste bin with custom CommandHelper syntax highlighting is now up! Be sure to thank Deaygo for taking the time to create a syntax highlighter. Here's what it looks like: (actual preview)

    This will make it much easier (and pretty!) to share scripts with other people. To use it, go to and select CommandHelper from the drop down in the top right. Voila, your script is now colored, and it's much easier to share with people!
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  2. zimko

    zimko New Member

    Very good job and thank's for example !!!
  3. Coaster3000

    Coaster3000 New Member

    I personally like the notepad++ syntax highlighter of this. But the pastebin is insane too! There was a topic somewhere on this forum with it..
  4. surfarcher

    surfarcher Member

    Does anyone have an Ultraedit highlighter for CH??
  5. LadyCailin

    LadyCailin Administrator Developer

  6. surfarcher

    surfarcher Member

    Thanks! Assuming CH does what I need (it looks like it might) I'll probably end up doing that.
  7. surfarcher

    surfarcher Member

    I found this wordfile on the Ultraedit site which seems perfect for CH. At least, it's working for me.