The MethodScript website is down due to an SSL error, so I can't access the API reference.

Discussion in 'CommandHelper' started by Rickster, Sep 29, 2018.

  1. Rickster

    Rickster Member

    The website is currently showing a CloudFlare 526 error "Invalid SSL certificate". Despite using "Cloudflare's Always Online™ technology" it's still completely down. It looks like "Always Online" saved a copy of the error page and is serving it instead of the cached site. Unfortunately, this means I can't access the API reference.

    Thanks for looking into this!
  2. Rickster

    Rickster Member

    Looks like it's fixed! It seems the site was given a new certificate that is valid starting today. If someone manually did that, thanks! If it happened automatically, check on whatever's doing it since it was a bit late and likely let the old certificate expire.

  3. LadyCailin

    LadyCailin Administrator Developer

    I did it manually, sorry about that. I have automated it with let's encrypt though, so it shouldn't happen again!