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Discussion in 'CommandHelper' started by Sketsi, Sep 19, 2017.

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    So when players switch their names, all of their money gets reset, ofcourse this is a simple task to check the amount and retype it, but figured why not create a shortcut! But my issue is when I try to add or subtract mums(server currency) between accounts, it does nothing at all. Was wondering if someone could take a look at this and possibly help me out a bit.

    /transfer $oldname $newname = >>>
    @oldbalance = acc_balance($oldname)
    msg(concat(color(green), $newname, ' started with ', acc_balance($newname), ' mums.'))
    msg(concat(color(aqua), $oldname, ' started with ', acc_balance($oldname), ' mums.'))
    acc_add('$newname', @oldbalance)
    msg(concat(color(green), $newname, ' now has ', acc_balance($newname), ' mums.'))
    acc_set('$oldname', 0)
    msg(concat(color(aqua), $oldname, ' now has ', acc_balance($oldname), ' mums.'))

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    You can use a UUID instead of a player name for the Vault functions.