Transforming World Objects using //g

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    The World Edit //generate or //g command is an amazing command. You can not only generate new mathematical structures, but with a little know how you can also modify existing blocks in the minecraft world. Especially now that the command line length limit has been increased.

    I am just uploading a video that show how I can take a LARGE structure, like Noodler's Blackwater Castle, and in seconds transform it into End and Nether versions. It just takes the right expression!

    Ants 028 World Edit Transforms....

    # The formula...
    # This should be typed in, as a single line,
    # all spaces and newlines in expression can be removed!
    # xo,zo X,Z offset from selected region (the shift used)
    # mx,my,mz start location of match palette in +x direction
    # rx,ry,rz start location of replacement palette in +x direction

    //g 0 xo=-15;zo=0;
    while(t) {
    if( queryAbs(mx+i,my,mz,t,d)) {
    return 1