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Discussion in 'WorldEdit' started by Mr_LegendzZ, Aug 4, 2017.

  1. Mr_LegendzZ

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    Here is the stacktrace:

    How it happend.
    My friend wanted to troll me so he did //set air and removed my noteblocks, redstone wire's and redstone repeaters, the area was like 50x50x3 or something.
    So I said 'haha, use //undo now please xD', he wanted to do that: not working, and I got that stacktrace error in the console. (im not sad about my noteblocks btw xd). But yeah, he was impossible to undo! Hope you can fix it. ^^
  2. wizjany

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    someone else got that today, but the method definitely exists in the version it says it's looking for.

    the only thing i can think of is that spigot changed their mapping without updating the version number and people are updating to a new build

    edit: oh i just went and looked apparently they updated to 1.12.1 but did not increase the revision number. nice.