Using a region without getting it by location.

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    Everything seem to be in the tittle. I know how to get a region or a list of region by a location, but I want to use a region by a name that I have. To be a bit more clear how if I already have a string who is the name of a region, use it to add a member to this region.

    What's going on in-game:
    - /claim addmember <regionName> <player>

    - Get the region (looking for this)

    - add player to the region as a member using the Profile Service for uuid...

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    RegionManager manager = checkRegionManager(plugin, world);
    ProtectedRegion region = checkExistingRegion(manager, id, true);

    How can I use these two methods using the api? I want to be able to use region with a getId to add a new member to a zone.
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