[worldedit] Fatal Java Error - Exception Access Violation

Discussion in 'Server Help' started by Gamebuster19901, Mar 11, 2015.

  1. Gamebuster19901

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    I just upgraded the hardware on my server today (more ram, from 11GB to 24GB), and when I attempted to use worldedit to clear a moderately sized area, the game instantly crashed. I am hoping this isn't related to the recent change in my hardware (as it never happened before). Here is the crash log.
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  2. wizjany

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    Does this happen often / is it reproducible? Make sure you have backups btw, this can lead to world corruption.
    This is probably more of an issue with java itself, try turning off UAC or reinstalling/updating java.
  3. Gamebuster19901

    Gamebuster19901 New Member

    I am unable to reproduce it anymore. I was able to reproduce it last night flawlessly.