Worldedit not working on 1.13.1

Discussion in 'Server Help' started by DonZekane, Sep 17, 2018.

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    Good day. I've recently started using buildtools and made myself a spigot 1.13 server. It worked. Added worldedit, and it also worked. I now decided to upgrade to 1.13.1 . To my grief, WE is not working anymore. Can you help me? Much appreciated.

    Log: (a bit shortened on the "generating map" phase to cut some reading time)

    The shown (ingame) error is "Unknown command", for all worldedit commands I type. Worldedit appears green on /pl .
    #edit: Debug mode doesn't help at all in this situation.

    I use this experimental (so yes, I was expecting it to fail) WE:

    Thanks in advance, again. Sorry if my format is not satisfactory.
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    Please use the latest build on the master branch. The string-id branch is almost two months old now. It's a few dozen commits behind and doesn't even support 1.13.1 fully.
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    I also tried the latest commit and the commits before that.
    I found that the plugin coreprotect was causing these errors for worldedit.

    Disabling the logging of worldedit in coreprotect fixed the issue.
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    I'm aware of that. You just mentioned you were using the build from the string-ids branch. No one should use that branch anymore. It's out-dated and not even linked on the build site.