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Discussion in 'WorldEdit' started by LudnicaKiller, Feb 17, 2019.

  1. LudnicaKiller

    LudnicaKiller New Member

    I have one question, how to stop everyone from setting redstone? Because when I set that blocks in disallowed-blocks it only blocks that ID's but not name. Etc. players can still use "//set redstone". How to fix that because it's lot of work to create plugin to disable all that commands because "//replace 0 redstone" and "redstone" is second argument and hard to disable that.

    I see all the people looking for this answer but no help..
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  2. LudnicaKiller

    LudnicaKiller New Member

    I found the problem, when typing "//set redstone" the ID is not 331 but 55. This is the fix.

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