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  1. sk89q

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    A beta build of WorldGuard 6.0 is available.

    New features / What's changed:

    Please find that information here:



    THIS IS EXPERIMENTAL SOFTWARE. While the changes have been tested, WorldGuard is a fairly large project and there may be bugs of varying severity introduced by these changes. That said, we welcome testers of the new version. Please make a backup of your world and your WorldGuard regions.

    Get the latest build here:

    Bukkit 1.7.9 or newer is required.

    Please report bugs to this thread or our issue tracker.
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  2. Nentify

    Nentify New Member

    These updates are great, my favourite being stronger protection and full MySQL support. May allow me to switch to the ProtectionStones plugin.

    However, I do have two questions.

    Firstly, is it possible to get a global blacklist, which applies to all worlds? Some mods allow users to create worlds, and having to copy a blacklist over to each one, and not knowing when a new world is created is problematic.

    Personally, I'd like to see a rewrite of the blacklist system to something like CoFH Core's world generation. It allows you to define settings, which in this case would be the block, the restrictions, exceptions, and the outcomes etc. However, it'd also allow you to define a WHITELIST, BLACKLIST or NONE for world restrictions, then gives you a list which you can add worlds to. If you specify whitelist and put "world" or "0" (name, dim ID, whatever) then the blacklist will only apply to that world for that block.

    I look forward to seeing plugins potentially use the WorldGuard API effectively now to claim land, as it seems to include everything necessary that WorldGuard used to lack (mainly stronger protection for mods and MySQL support).

    Again, great job on the updates and I look forward to using WorldGuard 6.

    Slightly off-topic, but we will see a 1.7 Forge version of WorldEdit? Also, a very nice job on the website, it looks very nice and is very easy to use. Kudos.
  3. sk89q

    sk89q Administrator Developer

    How about a setting like this?
    Code (Text):
        default: worlds/%world%/blacklist.txt
            nether2: special_nether.txt
            nether: default_nether.txt
    Yes, I plan on release Forge WorldEdit for 1.7.
  4. Nentify

    Nentify New Member

    I assume that means I'll be able to set default to eg. "blacklist.txt", and have special configs for other worlds if neccesary? If so, is it possible for that world to inherit the default config as well? Not a big issue if not, but a "default" config would be very useful. :) I assume environments means all nether worlds, all overworlds etc. would all be affected by that config. Seems good.

    Also glad to hear about Forge 1.7.
  5. sk89q

    sk89q Administrator Developer

    Yes, you could remove %world% and have it use just one file.

    Inheritance could be added.
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  6. Squawkers13

    Squawkers13 New Member

    I'm testing this and have found that the "deny all unless stated otherwise" change is not working correctly.
    • Players can't drop /pickup items in my spawn region even though item-drop and item-pickup is set to ALLOW.
    • Same with doors and the use flag.
    • Also, players can't enter regions they own with entry set to DENY.
    EDIT: The last is also true with the member being the GROUP the player is in!
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  7. sk89q

    sk89q Administrator Developer

    1. Is the BUILD flag set to DENY on your spawn region?
    2. Currently you have to set the region group of the entry flag to NON_MEMBERS (/rg flag REGION entry -g nonmembers) but I think I will revert this back to previous behavior.
  8. sk89q

    sk89q Administrator Developer

    Please try the latest build. I have reverted both behaviors back to WG 5.
  9. Squawkers13

    Squawkers13 New Member

    Fixed all my problems :)
  10. Puremin0rez

    Puremin0rez New Member

    What's the proper way for checking if a region has a flag or not? (Aka checking if DefaultFlag.PVP is true or false)

    I've been using this since for quite some time now
    Code (Text):
                    if (entity instanceof Player) {
                        Player player = (Player) event.getEntity();
                        WorldGuardPlugin worldGuard = getPlugin().getWorldGuard();
                        RegionManager manager = worldGuard.getRegionManager(player.getWorld());
                        ApplicableRegionSet regions = manager.getApplicableRegions(player.getLocation());
                        LocalPlayer localPlayer = worldGuard.wrapPlayer(player);
                        if (!regions.allows(DefaultFlag.PVP, localPlayer)) {
    but it appears that .allows has been deprecated. How do I check the flag in the same fashion using the new API?
  11. sk89q

    sk89q Administrator Developer

    Currently, getting a RegionManager and calling getApplicableRegions() will skip the cache, so you want to get a copy of the helper RegionQuery class. With the cache, multiple queries for the same block in a short period of time won't result in a ton of spatial queries.

    RegionQuery takes Players and Locations so you don't have to convert.

    Code (Text):
    RegionQuery query = worldguard.getRegionContainer().getRegionQuery();
    Once you have an instance, you can use testBuild() or testState(). For the PvP flag, use testBuild() as it also checks membership / the build flag.
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  12. lana920

    lana920 New Member

    block potions not working anymore ...

    - invisibility

    not working!
  13. sammyvsparks

    sammyvsparks New Member

    I have a reallllllly neat idea for World-Guard, Allowing it to block a specific Permission/Plugin in regions, so you can block world-guard in a survival world...
  14. sk89q

    sk89q Administrator Developer

    Maybe some day...
  15. EN7

    EN7 New Member

    Sk89, it appears the worldguard config page does not have 6.0 config options explained.
    Can you add them?
  16. PseudoKnight

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