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Discussion in 'Server Help' started by TheLordAndrew, Feb 25, 2015.

  1. TheLordAndrew

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    This has been causing problems on my server for a few weeks. After updating my server to Spigot 1.8, I can't add owners to regions on worldguard. I try adding myself and when i do /region info it shows my name (with the * at the end), after /wg reload, /rg reload or restarting my server my name is gone from the owners section. And even when it is there I dont have access over the region. My WorldGuard version is WG 6 Beta 5. Thanks in advance!
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    Is your server offline?
  3. TheLordAndrew

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    I hope this isn't like Bukkit where I get 78 posts telling me that these forums don't support offline mode and how terrible it it blah blah, XD
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    Well, that's not surprising since most security plugins depend on Mojang Auth to be able to determine who is who. Since you've decided to ditch Mojang's Auth, you have to deal with the consequences of that. WorldGuard 6, like many plugins these days, uses UUIDs now. In offline mode, an arbitrary UUID is given to players each time they login. You'll need some sort of workaround for that problem if you want to use updated plugins. Your problem is with an out-dated auth plugin.

    You're missing the point. Online mode offers a feature that many mods/plugins depend on. It's completely reasonable for volunteers to choose not to spend their precious time to help someone who intentionally sabotages their server for god knows what reason. When people then hide that crucial fact, it can even waste more time. Luckily I picked up on it so quickly here.
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    Oh I see, I just assumed 'real' players were given their proper UUID, which seems stupid now. I'll look into this/convince my friend to buy the game properly. Also what happened on Bukkit was I asked for help relating to Bungeecord which required the Bukkit server to run offline.
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  6. wizjany

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    I believe Spigot is BungeeCord aware and will continue to do UUID lookups. Also you can use -n to specify region members by name instead of checking uuid.
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    If you update to the latest build, it fixes that. I had the same problem for awhile. As for the *, that represents that the name is the last known name of that individual (now that name changes are supported).

    Download and install the latest build from here:

    You might want to update World Edit too, just cause:

    As it says, these are "beta" builds so there might be a few bugs, but I use them and I haven't run into anything too severe yet.

    Hopefully you still needed help on this...... lol
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